We need your help! Our sanctuary is at high-risk with fires popping up all over. Can you support our bushfire drought relief fundraiser to help Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary and the local community with food and water and local wildlife sanctuaries with medical supplies - DONATE HERE

Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary

Help us create a better future for children & animals

Our Mission

We provide care and rehabilitation for many neglected, abused animals, and nurturing for children from dysfunctional backgrounds. Many aggressive, incarcerated criminals are reported to have tortured and/or murdered animals as children. This behavior can stem from children seeing adults vent their anger and frustrations on helpless animals. Some children have had no other choices modeled for them. We believe that by teaching children to care for animals with kindness and thoughtfulness will help break the cycle of abuse.

How you can lend a hand to Peanuts

Peanuts Funny Farm is a non-profit charity, and do not receive any financial assistance from the government. Sponsoring one of our animals will help support the costs of their food and health care. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.

Dinner, Bed & Breakfast for Overnight Stays

We have overnight stay DBB (Dinner, Bed and Breakfast) packages for singles, couples and families. Costs help cover all utilities and 100% of it goes towards Peanuts Funny Farm in helping break the abuse cycle for animals and children.

Support our shop

We sell t-shirt’s, bumper stickers and candles. The perfect gift for yourself or an animal-loving friend. These products will be available to purchase very soon!

Due to these worsening fire conditions close to PWS there will be a delay in our replies to your emails and the fulfillment of orders. Stay safe everyone!

Keen to sponsor a new friend?

Would you love to help save a beautiful 4 legged friend but don’t have the room for one? How about sponsoring a friend in need. Here are some of the animals that live at Peanuts Funny Farm, a little history about them and why they could use your help.

Spotlight on Goodwill Wine

Peanuts Wellness Sanctuary is partnering with Goodwill Wine, so if you enjoy a nice drop for a good cause, please click on the link below. They also have a selection of vegan wines!